The Original McKenzie 14’ Double-Ender

Reluctantly letting her go

The McKenzie River Classy Classic

$4200 with a set of three oars and oarlocks   or   $3800 without the oars
(Includes Sturdy Built drift boat trailer with mounted spare tire)


Contact Roger at 503 559 0204 or email

Lines taken from the boat at Paradise Lodge on the Rogue


Resting at Finn Rock (Image by Dave Z)




Woods Knoble Hindman (Woodie) built the first McKenzie double ender during the winter of 1939-40. It was a 14-footer (around the sheer) and was adapted from the original 14-foot square ender. My boat is the first re-creation of that original. It was built in 2002 by Ray Heater. I recovered the lines from the double ender at Paradise Lodge on the Rogue. The Paradise boat was built by Prince Helfrich for his Boys Camp in the 1940s, and the patterns for the boat were given to him by Woodie—most likely the patterns from Woodie’s first double ender.





This is not a boat for the timid, insecure or inexperienced. As with a sports car, she needs to be handled with confidence, as well as with the tenderness she deserves. She will do most anything you ask of her -- handle Class IV water, maneuver through tight channels, and nest comfortably on any river bank. The one and only problem she presents is the distraction she causes. In fact, though she fishes well with two people, the beauty of her lines, the exquisite construction, and her rock hard and bright finish cause other boaters to admire and inquire about her. In other words, she's a distraction on the river you'll need to live with.

Ray Heater built this boat to last. Alaskan yellow cedar frames, sapele stem and stern posts, sapele panels, sliding rowing and guest seats, a super convenient anchor system, greatest rocker of all the McKenzies, make this boat a classy classic.

This is a beautiful boat, is part of a great legacy, and she needs a proper home. She'll serve you very well.


The boat has been carefully refreshed for the new owner






The Boat in Action


Running Blossom

Surfing the Pacific

In the hands of my Grandson

Z's Rainbow at Hosmer

Greg Hatten shooting the Horn