Drifter Basic Specs
Centerline length fore to aft = 11-5-2
Bottom length fore to aft = 9-6-4
Around the sheer (gunwale) length = 11-6-0
Bottom width amidships = 3-9-6
Beam amidships = 5-1-0
Profile elevation amidships = 1-5-6
Capacity =400 #(+/-): 2 people, or 1 person and a really big dog
Finished weight = 170 as Dave built it


Z's Drifter Pram Plans
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A river pram designed and build by Dave Zielinski of Saltsburg, P.A.
An efficiently built innovation that is in part an amalgam of his experiences with the McKenzie double-enders, the Trapper and fishing in tight places.


For a photo essay of Z's build, a nice complement to the plans, go here . . .



    The plans include three sheets 18 x 24-inch scaled drawings and schematics of the boat. The lines plans are laid out in the traditional format and they are accompanied with instructions. Also included will be a private link to an instructive photo essay of Dave's build. The photos are helpful and provide added incentive to the project. Chapter 11 in the book, Drift Boats and River Dories includes specific references to various aspects of the build. If you don't have the book, you can go here for a signed copy, or order the book through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. In the search window simply type, "Drift Boats and River Dories." The book is least expensive through these outlets. If you have boat building experience, the guide that accompanies the plans will suffice.
  To order, simply send a note requesting the plans along with a personal check or money order payable to Roger Fletcher for $53 (U.S. funds), payable to the River's Touch. For shipments to Canada, add $5 for priority shipping . Other international orders, please inquire here. Be sure to include your mailing address. Send your order to,

Roger Fletcher at the River's Touch
2353 E Ellendale Ave
Dallas, OR 97338


Plans are shipped USPS via Priority Mail


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