Buyer Options


1. We build the boat 
Buyer may have the rocker built raw, as at left, for you to finish; or we will apply the finish/paint.




2. Plans
You build the rocker from our complete plans. You have two options:

Option 1:  Plans include 4mm marine grade okoume side panels cut to size with marked station lines, pre- formed stem post, illustrated instructions, and full sized patterns for frames and transom,  other key parts, and materials list.

Option 2: Plans include full size patterns for all parts and detailed photo instructions. Does not include Greg Hatten's lullaby but may be purchased as an add on.








Rocking Boats

McKenzie style drift boats for the little ones



Clear the toys out of the boat and let's hit the white water of the playroom!

Except for option 2, The Rocker includes a copy of Greg Hatten's lovely drift boat lullaby, Winkin, Blinkin and Nod


For a sense of space, place, fun and memories, visit this short video by Greg Hatten

Variety of Uses

Use as a bassinet or cradle


A rocker, reading room or sleigh



And when the kids are gone, convert the rocker to a coffee or display table.



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Drift Boats and River Dories


Half hulls


The McKenzie River

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