Skills required: Some knowledge of drift boats, basic carpentry skills, and ability to read and follow instructions.


Rocking Boat Plans

Option 1: Plans include pre-cut panels and station lines, stem post, and a useable frame as a model-
($370 you pick up, or $420 FOB)

Option 2: Plans include all full size patterns, materials and fasteners list, and detailed instructions -
($185, includes shipping)

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  Tools required: Table saw or band saw, drill and bits, at least 4 clamps with 2-inch opening, band clamp or occasional extra set of hands, screw driver with Phillips or slotted head, depending on your fasteners.  

(Allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery of Option 1, and 8 to 10 days for Option 2)


The rocking boat has six frames. Shown here is frame # 3. All frames are built to the lines, those places where the panels meet the frames. Since the drawings are full size, you may "lift" the measurements with a rule. Bevel angles are provided for each.

  The plans include --
  • Two pre-cut Okoume side panels with the station lines pre-marked (option 1 only).
  • Pre-cut stem post, pre-formed transom, one pre-formed frame ready to use (option 1 only)
  • Full size templates for the following --
    -  Transom,
    -  Bottom panel
    -  Fly-line deck
    -  Inside flooring to keep the wee ones comfortable
    -  Seat
    -  Hand grips
    -  Rockers
  • Materials list, including suggested fasteners and quantities
  • Well illustrated instructions 

The pre-marked lines on the panels guide you to placement of the frames. The instructions tell you how to make the alignments, and they guide you in applying the fasteners.


Note the alignment of the frames parts are to the template lines.


The appropriate thickness of the two Okoume side panels can be difficult to locate, so we provide the pre-cut and pre-marked side panels for you. These are the same panels as go into our kits, and into our finished rockers. The material is lovely and marine grade.

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Templates for the rocking frame are provided, although there is room for your own creativity.